Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Are Marriages Made in Heaven?

No one knows for sure. Just as there are plenty of examples of couples celebrating their silver, golden and even diamond jubilees for their happy married life, there are appallingly many cases of separation and divorce taking place after months, years and even decades. Marriage counselors identify the problems usually to arise out of ego-clash, lack of compatibility, infidelity, financial crisis, inability of the spouse to bear children, in-laws’ interference and the like. Whatever may be the reason, the separation of partners can be devastating experience for them and more so for their children. The love and affection from both the parents always make children feel more secured and emotionally stable. When parents separate, the absence of one parent makes the situation quite difficult for the other parent to fill the void.
It is strange that couples who have been dating for years before marriage and living life full of love and joy after marriage suddenly one day find marriage unbearable. In societies where the selection of life partner is made by parents and relatives, the reason for marriages breaking could be just similar. In many of such marriages, horoscopes are matched beforehand so as to be assured of stellar blessings for happy married life. That, however, is no guarantee for marriage to last.
Marriage can make or mar life. Like a balance-sheet’s profit and loss account, much depends upon how happy or unhappy one’s marriage-life has been. Will there be any doubt still persisting whether marriages are made in Heaven or not if it is accepted that everyone comes to the world with a predetermined happiness package.

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