Friday, July 14, 2006

Was Zidane Right?

When billions of soccer fans were watching with bated breath the outcome of World Cup Final, 2006, Zidane - the France's hero and captain had to leave the ground after he was shown the red card for headbutting Materazzi. This was the turning point of the momentous final match and Zidane personally as well as France as a nation had to pay a heavy price for such temporary madness. It made many wonder why Zidane behaved in such a barbaric way when he knew the consequences.
As per reports which appeared in print media and TV, Materazzi himself admitted of abusing Zidane provocatively. A question has disturbed many: how can one stand such insults repeatedly without getting angry?.Zidane has been quoted contending his behaviour in a tv channel interview - " the words he said concerned my mother and sister. I heard them once, then twice and the third time I could not control myself. I am a man and some words are harder to hear than actions. I would have rather been knocked down than hear that."
The hero - even after the ignomious end to his illustrious career, had the courage to apologise for reacting badly as millions of children were also watching the game. "But I do not regret my behaviour because that would mean he was right to say what he said" Zidane told
The whole episode can be seen as yet another grand example of everything in life being predetermined. There is an ancient Greek belief: those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make them angry. So, just as God wanted to punish Zidane, He, too, gave him the
wisdom to tell the world that he did not regret his behaviour as Materazzi would not have learnt anything. Such resolve rarely seen in today's world lacking commitment to values in life had prompted John F. Kennedy to say"One does, what he must, in spite of personal tragedies and
consequences for that is the basis of all human morality".

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