Monday, July 30, 2007

Look Out! Your 'Carbon Footprint' Is Showing

The catastrophic effects of global warming have started sinking gradually among people all over the world as more and more irrefutable scientific evidences pour in. Greenhouse gas emissions mostly consist of carbon dioxide have been identified to be responsible for playing havoc with the global climatic change. Hard facts are pointing fingers at developed nations to be worst offenders for contributing recklessly to global warming due to their extremely high level of carbon dioxide emissions compared to the developing nations.
Data pertaining to the year 2004 published in newspapers are found to be fully in line with the above inference. The carbon dioxide emissions in million tonnes for the year country-wise are: USA - 5912, UK - 580, Japan - 1,262, Russia - 1,685, China - 4,707 and India - 1,112.
If the total emissions data are unsavoury for the developed nations, the picture is even more revealing about individuals of different countries. Those who live in large houses, occupy big office spaces, travel by cars and planes frequently and use more electric power for air-conditioning and heating are the ones contributing more dangerously to the cause of global warming as in such cases more fossil-fuel burning is warranted giving rise to higher carbon dioxide emissions. A person using bicycle or public transport and living in small house, lighting his house by CFLs and travelling by trains instead of planes would be a 'green' hero whether he or she adopts such a lifestyle by choice or compulsion.
So, even in the developing countries, there are offenders albeit those belonging to the richer classes whereas the poorer masses have to bear the brunt of global warming despite their 'green' lifestyles. Such awareness among the 'haves' and 'have-nots' is bound to ignite social dissention just as striving to usher in change in carbon footprints of the rich is going to be a Herculean task. Global warming , however, cannot discriminate based on the economic or social status while punishing the inhabitants for ravaging the environment.
After all, Death is the greatest leveller, is it not?

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