Friday, July 20, 2007

Global Warming: Dubious Ways For A Noble Cause

It has finally dawned upon people all over the world that the apocalyptic disaster due to global warming can no longer be wished away and it is waiting as sure as death to strike the Planet Earth. With resigned acceptance by people and media coverage, the awareness about the lurking danger is fast spreading. The initiatives of Al Gore's Life Earth have already resulted in big musical shows in Tokyo, Sydney, Shanghai, London and Hamburg drawing huge crowds. More are being planned all for the noble cause of fighting global warming. Tens of thousands of music lovers thronged the venues in their cars with the aim of fighting the menace and added more greenhouse gas emissions instead. It turned out to be a case where the remedy is worse than the disease. Moreover, with celebrities like Madonna championing the cause, the effect could just be the opposite. Her 'carbon footprint' (with limousines, private aircrafts and luxurious lifestyles in tow) is not going to inspire the common man even as fans in these concerts have been reportedly urged to sign a seven-point pledge designed to change behaviour and put pressure on political leaders in every country.
But fans love to imitate the lifestyles of their favourite celebrities. So, those, like me, who want the whole business of fighting global warming to be serious one, would raise eyebrows at yet another well-publicised campaign titled 'Global Cool' which is being kick started by Hollywood star Sienna Miller with Bollywood superstar Amitava Bachan. The ostentatious wedding ceremony the superstar Amitava recently arranged for his son-actor Abhishek must have caused equivalent to a few thousand times 'per capita' greenhouse gas emissions. Unless the idea is merely to create media hype for the campaign, it is doubtful if any actual benefit would be bestowed to the cause by choosing such dubious ways.
Yet another striking example of celebrities being drawn to the bandwagon is that of Salman Khan. The actor was arrested for killing rare birds while on a film shooting spree in Rajasthan and the case is still under trial. How can such a person inspire the general public to protect the environment? Let us neither pay lip-services to fighting global warming nor make it a farcical musical soiree.

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