Friday, April 06, 2007

Appalling Apathy To Alarming Global Warming

If my last post was on indifference at the national level to the impending crisis due to global warming, the present one based on an news in Economic Times titled 'Doomsday's here. Almost' touches upon the apathy at international level.
The writing is on the wall that man-made greenhouse emissions might trigger massive extinction of life on Earth in near future. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), after its six years of painstaking research by 2000 experts, has warned in its first report of rising global temperatures and sea levels. "The Earth would heat up between 1.8 centigrade and 4 centigrade by the end of the century, and upto 6.4 centigrade at the poles which heat up twice as fast around the equator. Melting ice has led sea levels climb 17cm in the 20th century and at the rate of 31cm per year since '93."
The irony is that the climate changes will affect the poorest regions in the world that are least responsible for production of greenhouse gases. As if to rub salt to injury, the worst offender nation USA which produces 25% of global emissions has been apathetic to joining Kyoto Protocol that has united all nations with few notorious exceptions to fight out the catastrophe. Perhaps, such attitudes and past actions on the part of some rich nations prompted Pope Benedict to write in his first book "Rich countries bent on power and profit have mercilessly plundered and sacked Africa and other poor regions and exported them the cynicism of a world without God."
The hapless millions of the developing nations which are being punished for the wrong-doings of others would find solace to know that the US Supreme Court has now declared global warming a serious and urgent problem in its first ever ruling on the subject. With ice-caps perilously melting in the polar regions, I hope the offenders' hearts would also start melting at the misery of the poor millions. As part of their retribution, massive assistance to the needy to mitigate the situation is called for.
Better be late than never!

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