Friday, September 15, 2006

India Ho! Dell's Next Destination

Dell is the largest global computer manufacturer and has several feathers to its cap. It is a $55 billion company - 28th largest and 8th most admired in USA and has manufacturing units in China, Malaysia and Ireland. The decision of the IT giant to set up a manufacturing unit near Chennai - the sixth so far globally speaking - has been hailed as a sign of India emerging as an IT hub. Though the company has initially announced its plan to invest $60 million, the state officials are confident that the total investment will go up to $300 million (Rs1350 crores) with the company's suppliers chipping in.
The brand image of the company is already very high as reflected in its recent sales growth by 63%. The most successful marketing model of the company lies in its accepting orders through Internet and phone calls only and not relying on retail outlets to woo customers.
The Dell plant will be located in the small town of Sriperumbudur near Chennai where ex-Prime Minister of India - Rajiv Gandhi had laid down his life at the hands of assassins. He had tried his best to make the government and the people IT-savvy but for whom India would not have made rapid strides in having one of the largest pool of professionals in the field.
So is it not the best way to immortalise the great visionary?

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