Thursday, September 14, 2006

India Beats China At Cellular Industry

India has had to play second fiddle to China in economic growth, reforms et all. The reason is not far to seek; China had a head start of embracing liberalisation fifteen years back. Nevertheless, India is trying to break the order. During August 2006, India marched past China in adding cellular subscribers. While India added 5. 9 million new connections, China could do only 5.1 million numbers. According to The Cellular Operating Association, the global mobile industry is growing at 40 million subscribers per month of which 41% is accounted by Asia- Pacific and the combined share of India and China is 25%.
The future growth is simply mind-boggling. The population of mobile subscribers will reach 3 billion by the year 2007. In other words, every second person on this earth will have a mobile phone. Out of 500 million new connections expected by 2007, the lion's share will go to India with 80 million subscribers.
Cellular phones are becoming raging favourites everywhere. Is it because
1. It is fast, easy mode of communication.
2. It is convenient to use.
3. It is a status symbol.
4. It is the answer to the latest insuppressable common desire to stay connected all the time.
5. The users are becoming more and more garrulous.
Any other reason you can add to explain the phenomenal growth in mobile industry?

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