Saturday, August 05, 2006

Never Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Gifts carry unspoken words of love, affection and admiration for the recipients and serve as their best depository. Whether the occasion is a birthday, wedding ceremony or success in examination, it gets accentuated when accompanied with gifts. Over the years and in keeping with the changing materialistic world, gifts are increasingly becoming objects of ego, ostentation and quid-pro-quos. Gone are the days when gifts used to serve as means for emotional exchanges. Alas! parents these days have to get birthday presents for their children as costly and trendy as their friends receive on similar occasions . Wives do not get satisfied anymore by bouquets of flowers on their wedding anniversaries and would howl down such custom now as outdated.
It has dawned on people that gift packaging has become more important than the contents within. If it is a wedding ceremony or a birthday or felicitation party, the presents just pile up in public gaze without giving any chance to recipients to find out what lies within. So, more attractive the packaging, the more impressive becomes the present! Some take this approach to the extreme. Giant-size gifts do get noticed easily, but recipients are cramped by space. Just as one should not look at gift horse in the mouth, a thoughtless gift can cause avoidable rifts. Therefore, a little bit of planning and thought for the appropriate gift can save a lot of embarrassment and make the occasion pleasant and memorable.

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