Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Children Take The Lead In Fighting Global warming

Today global warming and its apocalyptic effect on the planet Earth is no longer viewed by the scientific world as distant scenarios but is a hard reality facing the entire human race. It is, however, shocking that masses still live in the illusion that it is not going to affect their lives even as clinching evidences like shrinking icebergs in Arctic or Antartic regions as well as other serious climatic changes are regularly reported. A recent report of Reuters said "13% Americans have never heard of global warming, even though their country is the world's top source of greenhouse gases".
If this is the state of affairs with the nation of richest economy and high literacy, the awareness among people in India having poor literacy is obviously very low. There is a ray of hope, however, to the looming crisis. It has been possible to spread the awareness unexpectedly through animated films and movies for kids. Movies produced abroad like Ice Age: The Meltdown for the children dealing with global warming was a big box-office hit.
Children in India can also play a very effective role in spreading the awareness among people. They should learn subjects such as global warming, environment and pollution compulsorily at the high school level. In all interviews and examinations for recruitment, each candidate must satisfy the selectors that he has the minimum required knowledge about global warming. Thus awareness about global warming will go up and that is how a beginning can be made to fight it. How I wish it happened yesterday!

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