Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How Are You Celebrating Valentine's Day?

My heart leaped in joy today in the morning when I got a SMS with the starting words 'Dinner at Taj for u...'. Soon my soaring spirits got deflated on reading the next line 'On this Valentine Download and Dedicate Romantic Songs and U could be the Winner...'. It did not take me long to realise that the great Valentine's Day has arrived as I glanced over the pages of the morning newspaper. My favourite page had a strange look full with classified ads. Some 250 persons had decided to make the world know that they love someone by displaying their printed messages so that the loved ones can always preserve and produce them as proof of their lovers having remembered them at least on this day.
I learnt that on 14Th day of February, Valentine's Day is celebrated and is dedicated to love. Lovers feel they are on top of the world on this day and the romantic frenzy is sought to be built over weeks in advance with media splashing big ads of special gifts for the occasion. Although this day of the calendar I had crossed 65 times in my life so far, I do not remember to have done anything special. Was it because I expressed my love on all the 365 days of the years instead of letting it out on one single day or I am not "trendy" enough to be influenced by the changes sweeping our society?
I wanted to contemplate further. I read a report in Times of India which answered my query about the origin of Valentine's Day.
"In 270, Roman emperor Claudius II was unpopular for waging wars. He lost so many men that he found it difficult to find soldiers. So, he cancelled all marriages and engagements to force the youths to join the army. St. Valentine, a priest, secretly married couples till he was arrested and beheaded on 14Th February."
Since lovers want this day to be celebrated in a special way, it is their choice. I do not believe in jingoism and hence would not comment that this is a foreign custom making way into our lives. At the same time, I do not agree in this case, with the saying 'What is sauce for the gander is sauce for the geese'.
Don't you agree?

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