Monday, January 15, 2007

Let's Have More Watches To Make Up Lost Time

Modern life demands that man should be strapped to a time-machine. Can you imagine managing your life without a watch? I remember the tension and inconveniences experienced on occasions when my watch had refused to move.Yet, only 25 out of every 1000 Indians have got the prized possession of watch whereas the global average is 250.
According to a report, India manufacturers about 12 million watches a year and the world annual production is 600 million watches. It is claimed that over 50% - 75% of watches sold in India is imported through illegal channels. Time was when having a Swiss-made watch was considered by many as a status symbol. Thanks to the brand building efforts by the domestic watch manufacturers, watches made in India meet a sizeable demand of the domestic market.
India is racing to become a super-economic-power and Indians need to imbibe the value of time. Whether having merely more watches will usher in the change, time alone will tell. Those who are at the top echelon of society should lead by setting examples of respecting the importance of time. Others will follow suit.
So, let us have more watches and a whale of a time!

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Hiren said...

How right this is. Indians do not respect time as a matter of culture. Time is the only resource which is limited and needs the best management.