Thursday, January 25, 2007

Do You Believe India's Economy Will Be Second Largest By 2050?

Yes, I do. After all, I am a hard optimist. Why should I doubt the findings of a study that places India in No2 position ahead of USA by the year 2050 especially when the report has been prepared by the internationally reputed Golden Sachs. It had earlier projected India to No3 position just after China and USA by 2032 overtaking Japan.
The sweet music now released also says that India's GDP will quadruple from 2007 to 2020 and the per capita income will increase 35 times by 2050. This will enable Indians to buy cars five times and increase consumption of crude oil by three times. I do not know whether to rejoice at such projections. The scenario of so many cars in congested cities polluting dangerously the already highly polluted environment besides causing other problems is nightmarish and has been touched in my post 'Small cars boom spell urban doom'.
How I wish each word of the projection comes out true by 2050. Many readers may be around then to determine how much of it was realistic and how much was hog-wash. Of course, it is well known that war, natural calamities, epidemics like AIDs and political upheavals may upset the applecart. Nevertheless, I have a wish-list which should materialise preceding what has been forecast by Golden Sachs. My wishes are:
1. India is a strong, vibrant democracy where honest and capable people get elected as their representatives - not by rigging elections, or by use of money or muscle power.
2. India has eliminated hunger and poverty.
3. Every Indian has access to education, health care and social benefits. Cast, creed, language divide created and perpetrated by wily politicians no longer matter.
4.Every village has electricity as well as drinking water and every citizen has a roof over his head
5. Every nook and corner of the country is easily accessible by modern transport.
6. Every citizen is conscious and concerned about environmental degradation and reaches out to do his part to fight air, water and noise pollution.
7. Corruption has been removed from the public life. No one needs to grease the palms of anybody for getting things done.
8. AIDs and other serious diseases have been controlled or eradicated.
9. Women empowerment is visible in every walk of life.
10. Merit has become the sole criterion for advancement and selection in all spheres of life. Political interference, nepotism and sycophancy no longer work. If my wish-list becomes reality, how glorious it would be for India even if the projections of Golden Sachs attain only 50% accuracy.
Is it not?

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