Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bride Corus Ties The Knot With Tatas

It is a great day for Indians, Indian steel industry and India as a whole. In a fierce battle to win the hands of the Anglo-Dutch steel company Corus, Tata Steel - the oldest steel manufacturer and the second largest in India has come out victorious. As the curtains come down in melodramatic films churned out in dozens by Bollywood, an one-liner usually appear just before the final words "The End" so that no one is left in doubt. The one-liner says 'and they lived happily ever after'. I learnt just an hour back about the happy ending of the Corus acquisition, the popular Hindi song 'Le jayenge, le jayenge, dulhaniya le jayenge'(I will take the bride, I will take the bride) spontaneously started ringing in my mind.
Tata's bid of 608 pence as against the rival Brazilian offer of 603 pence clinched the deal and like a magic wand transformed the Indian steel company from its 53rd position globally to an enviable fifth largest manufacturer. So, there is a lot of wisdom in the saying "Marriages are made in Heaven". But just to remind ourselves lest we forget in such euphoric moments, steel is made by men and he pays the piper who calls the shots.
It is a historic moment for India. Nearly three hundred years back, a British company by name 'East India Company' had touched the shores of eastern India initially for trading in textiles and spices. The British Empire kept the whole of India under its thumb for nearly two hundred years. Now the table has been turned. Tatas have taken over Anglo-Dutch giant steel conglomerate Corus.
My congratulations to Tatas-Corus on their wedding!

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