Thursday, October 12, 2006

Colas Leave Women High And Dry

The cola companies seem to be getting out of the frying pan into the fire. Already alarm bells have been sounded that the colas are responsible for the high incidence of obesity among children. Now it is for women to sit up and take notice. According to an article in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a research study claims that women who drink colas daily develop low bone mass density (BMD) than those taking one serving a month. Those with a lower BMD run higher risk of bone fracture. So if one does not want to make any bones about bone fracture, she should keep a safe distance from colas.
Interestingly, the colas seem to have a gender bias; men do not have low BMD problems out of regular cola consumption. In case of women, the hips get affected more and with higher consumption, the thinning gets worse. The research, the findings of which have been reported by Reuters, has not established conclusively that the same can be said about young girls. Though they also suffer from low BMD, it is not known yet whether it is caused by less intake of milk or excessive consumption of colas.
The cola phobia concerns children and women so far. Until further findings are made, men do not have anything to bother. In India, the urban middle class women and young school and college-going girls generally are cola lovers. Hopefully, the news will enhance awareness among them about such risks in colas consumed by them.

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