Saturday, September 16, 2006

Politics And Economics Are Strange Bedfellows

Politics and economics are strange bedfellows and things are always better when they do not come too close. A case in point is the gloom and uncertainty that has followed the change of government in the state of Jharkhand after 18 months.
So far, big investors were making beelines to the state for investment in mining, steel and power projects. Jharkhand is one of the mineral-rich states and the investments were expected to provide employment opportunities besides raising the living standards which are one of the lowest in the country. The fiffty odd Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) have come to a halt till the new government is formed. The first thing which the new government may, going by the precedents, order investigations into the project sanctions and transfer the officials from the key posts held at the pleasure of the previous government. There is bound to be some slowdown of projects and some others may get bogged down.
The same thing had happened when central government formed by coalition was changed with a new formation about two and half years back whose constituents' ideologies are diametrically opposed to the former. See, what has happened to reforms process with the Left parties now calling the shots. So, let us wait and watch what happens to those MOUs.
Heavens forbid that the Memorandum of Undersatandings do not become Moratorium of Understandings!

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