Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Myths & Facts Surrounding Blogging

One fine morning I decided to take up blogging and within minutes, to my utter surprise, my blog was ready thanks to the user-friendly sites which offer ready-made free services. Having entered the blogosphere without knowing ABC of blogging, I found myself in an unenviable position - fight or flight was my choice. As the fight still continues, I got exposed to some myths that have metamorphosed to facts. I want to share my experience gained so far with you.
Myth #1: Blogging is a favourite past-time among only a limited number of people who are casual and pedestrian in their writing.
Fact: A mind-boggling 50 million Bloggers are at it and every second two new Blogs are born. A good number of Bloggers put heart and soul to their work. Some blog posts are as outstanding as some best sellers.
Myth #2: One has to just spend a few hours in writing and then forget about it.
Fact: Blogging requires meticulous planning, research and a good strategy to stay connected with the blogging community to get feedback and act upon comments. The posts should be regular and preferably at least one post a day.
Myth#3: As long as you think your post is having originality and unique style, the readers will surely lap it up.
Fact: Your posts should appear interesting in a cursory glance. To achieve this, a very catchy title is a must. Darren of Blog-Republic has made several useful suggestions in his Blog. The middle portion is equally important if not more explains lucidly Easton in his Bog Businessblogwire.
Myth#4: You have some creative thoughts and you know how to express them. You do not have to bother anything about technology.
Fact: One must have minimum technical background to make frequent changes and add features to the Blog besides making it stand out visually.
Myth#5: One can make money while blogging.
Fact: There are thousands of sites available to show how money-tree can be made to grow when you are blogging. AdSense, SEOs, pings and sitemeters are only a few tools available to monitor and maximise hits which set in an euphoria. The problem arises when some get carried away by such hits their Blogs generate and start believing that their writings are so popular as can be compared with the works of famous writers like Charles Dickens. If the mind is obsessed with how to get the blessings of Google, then paradoxically thoughts for creative writing will have no place.
How many of the above you accept as facts?

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