Thursday, September 07, 2006

Maruti On Top Gear

Maruti Udyog Limited - the largest car manufacturer in India which brought a revolution in the auto industry by making since 1983 low-priced and fuel-efficient cars in collaboration with Japan's Suzuki Motors Corp has travelled a long distance. With 11 models and production expected to reach 6,00,000 cars during the year 2006, it has remained a market leader with a market share nearing 50%. Maruti crossed the milestone of making 5 million cars since its inception in April, 2005. India produced 1.406 million cars during 2005.
The Company's vision statement reads as follows:"The Leader in the Indian Automobile Industry, Creating Customer Delight and Shareholders' Wealth;A Pride of India"In keeping with the vision, it is embarking upon a production capacity expansion to one million cars by the year 2010 when the total demand for cars in India is expected to rise to two million. An investment of $1.3 billion is being planned to achieve this. By the same year, it is also targeting to export 1,00,000 small cars to Europe. The company plans to introduce five new models and upgrade its existing plant besides building a new car plant as well as a diesel engine plant so as to attain the target of manufacturing one million cars by 2010.
By contrast, US manufactured 11.524 million cars followed by Japan with 10.06 million cars during the year 2005. It was bound to be so, as there are only three cars for 1000 people in India as against 500 cars for 1000 people in USA. Things may not, however, remain so depressing for India. According to Golden Sachs, India would have the maximum cars in the planet by 2050.
Hold your breath, please!

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