Monday, September 11, 2006

Blog's Editorial

Every newspaper has an editorial content which is the exclusive prerogative of the editor. The other contents are contributed by various journalists working for the newspaper. Of course, the editor uses his scissors to clip the wings of those who fail to toe the line. He also knows which side of the toast is buttered and bends over backwards to please his boss - the newspaper baron. The barons, again, have their own axes to grind in the political, business and social arenas.
Blogging, by contrast, is a completely different cup of tea. The blogger finds himself in the changing roles of a journalist, an editor and even a media baron if he rises to the top of the blogophere. So when he posts stories, it is the hidden journalist and the editor within him who owns up full responsibility. He cannot shift blame to the journalist or the editor or to the media baron if anything goes wrong. The buck really stops there.
Some bloggers fail to visualise the consequences of not having any firm opinion on a topic. The first victim of such a lackadaisical approach is the credibility of the blogger. Suppose a blogger writes critically about George Bush's Middle East policy. He may succeed in building up a niche readership over time. But if he alternately goes on to support his policies, his readers will desert him permanently and this happens when one tries to be too clever by half. He will soon be condemned to oblivion as a turncoat. Of course, many blogs have teams of authors and what has been said in previous paragraph may not hold good for them. Those blogs function in similar style as newspapers.
Be that as it may, it reminds me of a very old advertising jingle 'Take a stand, be a man'. Will you?

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