Monday, September 04, 2006

Blogging At The Crossroads:Food For Thought

Blogging is the priceless gift for netizens of modern society. Like
the advent of printing which triggered spread of literacy and
knowledge, blogging has endowed millions with the power to express
their thoughts in writing without let or hindrance. It essentially
involves (a) expression of thoughts (b) writing. Again, expression of
thoughts has to be preceded by idea or opinion produced by thinking.
So, without thinking, how can blogging be done? Some say in discussion
forums nonchalantly that they blog on anything and everything. Some
others merely copy & paste content with just a customary tinkering
here and there. A few others try to sensationalise titles to draw more
The other pre-requisite for blogging is writing i.e. content. Writing
is an art which should be cultivated with patience at least for the
sake of excelling one's own performance. Like an individual's face or
handwriting, a distinctive style of writing would any time get kudos.
Though such blogs are not easily found, it becomes a matter of
satisfaction to visit them on one's own accord. Darren's Blog-Republic
is an example which comes to my mind.Blogging has now become an art as well as science. To make the blog attractive visually, more attention and efforts have to be directed to
this. There are ready-made formulae for increasing the
much-sought-after 'hits'. So once one starts playing to the gallery
for getting more 'hits', his content and style are ipso facto
relegated to the background. One is caught in a dilemma; how much of
art and how much of science should form the foundation of blogging?
Once 'hits' become an obsession, there will be little time for
expression of original thoughts and writing - the two quintessence of
Freedom always entails responsibility and, therefore, the freedom
blogging allows should not be misused. Just as responsible citizens
all over the world are coming forward to protect environment and to
check population growth for the posterity to lead better life,
bloggers should exercise self-control for preservation and growth of
blogging. Otherwise, one day blogging will kill the goose that lays
golden eggs.
What do you think?

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Heather said...

Thanks for the kind words about Blog Republic. Blogging is a great way to express your views about things and share them with other like minded folks..

Nice job on your redesign, BTW!