Monday, September 25, 2006

A Billion Dollar Question

Some awards and rankings are simply awe-inspiring. Take for example - the Nobel prize which is regarded as the highest honour for the most outstanding work in the field of science, economics or peace. Similarly, Oscar awards are considered the most coveted in the world of entertainment. Shouldn't there be, therefore, any ranking for possessing the most-sought-after thing in life i.e. money? Why not, there are such honours the magazine Forbes bestows every year by bringing out a list of wealthiest Americans.
The list of 400 richest Americans has been published by the magazine by following a criterion of including only those with a net worth of minimum of $1 billion or more. For the last 13 years in a row, Microsoft's Bill Gates has been at the top position. The second position has always been taken by Mr Warren Buffett since 1994.The third ranker Sheldon Adelson has catapulted to the position from 15th held last year. His rise has an interesting background. He has made his wealth from casino unlike the likes of Bill Gates besides four others who are technologists and five Walton clans who made their fortune through retail sales. The two Google founders Sergey Brian and Larry Page got 12th and 13th ranking; all cyber citizens and Bloggers blogging round the globe have been directly using their creations.
Mr Adelson, however, is looking for a second property in Macau and a new casino in Singapore. These billionaires, perhaps, send one common message for their success - 'Money is lying all over. You should only know how to pick it up'.Very soon Forbes may decide to publish only names of 'trillionaire-athon' participants as the list of billionaires is becoming too long.
Who all are getting ready to take part?

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