Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Bumpy roads, potholes resembling large moon craters, poodles right in the middle of the roads looking like mini swimming pools - these are all too familiar sights of the Indian roads crisscrossing the country linking metros, cities, towns, and villages. The harassed and tired look on the faces of the millions of Indians and foreign visitors who have to use such roads, not to speak of some of their broken necks, spondolysis, abandoned vehicles with broken axles will soon be replaced by all smiles and speedy traffic.The good news is that the government has embarked upon a massive investment in national highway development programme (NHDP). THe investment is going to be a whopping Rs22000 crores ie $50 billion for NHDP IV-VII phase covering 7616 kilometres. Speaking at a seminar organised by the Indian National Group, Union Minister of shipping, road transport and highways, TR Balu, said "Construction of tunnels, bridges and flyovers would be one of the significant features of upcoming projects." He further added "Construction of a substantial length of tunnels is required for widening roads passing through mountainous regions, especialy Jammu & Kashmir and several parts of the north eastern states. Improved technology for making tunnels has been adopted in the construction of Konkan Railways and Delhi metro. The use of tunnel boring machine can speed up tunnelling and is one of the latest technologies adopted in India."With the use of new technology the car parking problem faced in all cities can be solved by construction of underground parking space. The minister also said "There is going to be extra pressure on urban road space and this will jack up the demand for parking lots. With the existing buildups in the urban areas, underground parking lots will be a basic necessity." Such projects, though very much overdue, will reduce India's infrastructural bottlenecks and pave the way for becoming a super economic power. The good news calls for celebration and one for the road!

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Heather said...

It sounds like quite a project to undertake. This should provide more employment opportunities in all these places, yes?