Monday, August 21, 2006

The Lesser Of Two Evils - Pepsi or Tea?

In love and war everything is fair; at least Pepsi thinks that way. Driven to the wall with a ban on it slammed in several states of India, Pepsi has fired recently two shots in air for self-defense. The first one was an advertisement claiming that the tea Indians drink has 14.2 ppm residue of pesticide which is 28000 times higher than such residue in Pepsi. The Tea Board of India has described the claim as "totally false". It is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Tea is as old as Indian civilization and is the most favourite drink among Indians. It is processed plant leaf unlike Pepsi whose ingredients are so zealously guarded secret that the formula has been
stored in some unknown vault. Assuming that tea contains dangerous levels of pesticide, it does not absolve Pepsi of the charges already made against it. Moreover, tea is boiled before use whereas colas are taken directly thus reducing the harmful effects.
The second shot has been fired as a signal for ceasefire. Pepsi has announced that it would discourage primary schools from consuming "fun drinks". It is amusing to read what Pepsi Co Chairman Rajeev Bakshi said - "Soft drinks should not be consumed at that age. If schools ban
them, we will not contest them". Good sense has dawned upon Pepsi rather belatedly. What 'fun' they were having in promoting their sales for kids all these years? Alarmed by the obesity and health hazards of school children by their excessive consumption of colas, America has already initiated action 'to pull out these soft drinks from schools'. Please read the comment of Heather on my previous post 'Ban on Pepsi & Coke May Clog FDI?'. So the aversion for colas is spreading fast and they are heading for tougher days to come. Ms Indra Nooyi - an Indian has been made the CEO of Pepsi's global organisation and it has made every Indian proud. However, the rising anti-Pepsi wave is going to be a thorn in her flesh. Is it not?


Heather said...

It sounds like they are trying to put the heat on local companies other than themselves.

I'd drink tea over soda most days.
Pop makes me burp, anyhow.

Researchers have found that one extra soda a day can contribute to 15 extra pounds a year.

It's easier to vote with your feet!

Do you drink soda, Satish?

Satish said...

I used to drink soda when its harmful effects were not known to me. Now I keep a safe distance from such 'fun' drinks. Why should I allow myself be an object of fun so that cola companies may go laughing to their banks.